Shutter Die

Shutter die is an advanced bending technology equipment that is widely used in the bending processing of metal sheets. With its unique flip design and traceless processing features, it effectively improves production efficiency while ensuring product quality.

Features and Benefits

Traceless processing

The unique flap design avoids problems such as indentations and cracks that occur in traditional bending processes and ensures the appearance quality of the product.

Efficient and stable

The flipping motion of the upper template is combined with the linear motion of the lower template to achieve fast and stable bending processing and improve production efficiency.

Strong applicability

It is suitable for bending metal sheets of various thicknesses and materials, and can meet the processing needs of different products.

Easy to maintain

simple structural design, convenient maintenance, and reduced use costs.

Safe and reliable

The use of high-quality materials and precision manufacturing processes ensures the safety and reliability of the equipment during use.

Working principle

The Shutter die uses two upper and lower templates. Through precise geometric design and motion trajectory calculation, the upper template is flipped around the lower template during the bending process, thereby achieving a seamless bending effect. During the bending process, the upper template moves downward and rotates around the center point of the lower template at the same time, so that the metal sheet is subjected to a uniform force at the bending point, avoiding indentations that occur in traditional bending processes.

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