Shearing Machine

Hydraulic shearing machine is a kind of metal shearing equipment widely used in mechanical processing, sheet metal production, construction and installation and other industries. It is hydraulically driven and has the characteristics of high efficiency, accuracy and easy operation. It is an indispensable and important tool in the field of industrial manufacturing and maintenance.

Structure and working principle

Hydraulic shearing machine is mainly composed of hydraulic system, tool holder, workbench, stopper and other parts. Its working principle is to drive the movement of the tool holder through the hydraulic system, so that the blade can reciprocate up and down, thereby achieving shearing of metal materials.

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system is the core part of the hydraulic shearing machine. It includes hydraulic pumps, oil cylinders, oil circuits and other components. The hydraulic pump converts the mechanical energy into the pressure energy of the hydraulic oil, and transmits the pressure energy to the oil cylinder through the oil circuit. The oil cylinder then converts the pressure energy into the mechanical energy of the tool holder, so that the tool holder can reciprocate up and down.

Tool holder

The tool holder is the main execution component of the hydraulic shearing machine. It carries the blades and the entire working process. The tool holder is generally made of high-strength steel to ensure its rigidity and durability.


The workbench is the working part of the hydraulic shearing machine, which is used to place the metal materials to be sheared. The workbench generally has good flatness and stability to ensure cutting accuracy.


The stopper is an auxiliary component of the hydraulic shearing machine. It is used to fix the metal material and prevent it from moving during the shearing process. The position of the stopper can be adjusted according to actual needs to adapt to metal materials of different sizes.

Standard Configuration

Front feed

Universal movable balls are installed on the feeding slide. The plate can be smoothly advanced and the shearing position can be easily changed during feeding, saving time and effort. The balls are easy to disassemble and assemble, and are easy to maintain.

Pressing oil cylinder

It adopts 60Si2Mn alloy steel spring, thickened polyurethane anti-vibration pad, thickened pressure-resistant base, thickened bottom plate and imported oil seal.

High power main motor

It adopts high-power main motor with sufficient power and strong power.

Adjust blade gap structure

By adjusting the blade gap, sheets with different thicknesses can be cut. When shearing a thin plate, if the gap is too large, it will cause burrs after shearing or the sheet cannot be cut and will bend directly; when shearing a thick plate, if the gap is too small, the shearing force will be too large, which will accelerate the wear of the blade, may even cause the blade to chip.

Tool holder arc motion

The entire tool holder performs reciprocating pendulum motion with the pivot axis as the center to complete the shearing work.

Back gauge motor

Electric backgauge device, the frequency converter can adjust the speed, and is equipped with a simple numerical control device, with forward, backward and positioning functions.

Rexroth hydraulic valve manifold

The hydraulic system manifold is equipped with a direct-acting safety relief valve to ensure accurate pressure adjustment.

High pressure ferrule type oil pipe joint

Seamless steel pipes and ferrule-type joints are used to connect, which can withstand high pressure, prevent oil leakage and are easy to maintain.

Blanking skateboard

After cutting, the sheet is easy to obtain.

Introduction to E21S CNC system

  • Backgauge control, control ordinary motors or frequency converters;
  • Intelligent positioning, dual programmable digital outputs;
  • Workpiece counting, 40 program storage, 25 work steps per program;
  • Unilateral positioning, retreat function; one-click backup and recovery of parameters;
  • Metric and English conversion, Chinese and English; LCD display;

Features and Benefits

  • Efficient: The hydraulic shearing machine is hydraulically driven, has high power and shearing speed, and can achieve efficient production.
  • Accurate: The tool holder and workbench of the hydraulic shearing machine have good accuracy and stability, which can ensure the accuracy and precision of shearing.
  • Easy to operate: The operation of the hydraulic shearing machine is relatively simple. You only need to place the metal material to be sheared on the workbench and adjust the position of the stopper to perform the shearing operation.
  • Wide scope of application: The hydraulic shearing machine is suitable for metal materials of various thicknesses and materials, and has a wide scope of application.
  • Safe and reliable: The hydraulic shearing machine has a complete safety protection device, which can automatically stop and alarm under abnormal circumstances to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.
  • Strong maintainability: Each component of the hydraulic shearing machine is relatively independent, easy to disassemble and repair, and can meet the needs of long-term use and maintenance.
  • Customizable: According to the needs of different users, the hydraulic shearing machine can be customized with different specifications and parameters to meet various special application requirements.

Application areas

Mechanical processing: Hydraulic shearing machines are suitable for metal plate processing and shearing in various mechanical processing industries, such as automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, aerospace and other fields.

Sheet metal production: Hydraulic shearing machines are suitable for cutting and forming metal sheets in various sheet metal production industries, such as electrical appliance casings, furniture production and other fields.

Construction and installation: Hydraulic shears are suitable for shearing and processing metal materials in the field of construction and installation, such as steel structure production, pipe cutting and other fields.

Other industries: In addition to the above fields, hydraulic shears are also widely used in the shearing and processing of metal materials in petrochemical, electric power and energy industries.

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