Shear Blades

The blades undergo strict material selection, careful processing, high-standard heat treatment, meticulous iron grinding, and strict inspection to ensure the quality of each blade.

The blade materials are: T8, T10, 9CrSi, 6CrW2Si, Cr12MoV, SKD-11, W6Mo5Cr4v2, H11, H13, etc. The blades undergo strict material selection, careful processing, high-standard heat treatment, meticulous iron grinding, and strict inspection to ensure the quality of each blade.

Products are widely used in: light industry, aviation, shipbuilding, metallurgy, instruments, electrical appliances, stainless steel products, steel structure construction and decoration industries.

Features of Lio-nel Shearing Blades

Highly flexible

Lio-nel’s shearing blades are well designed to meet the shearing needs of different shapes and sizes, enabling highly flexible shearing operations.

High strength and wear resistance

The high-quality shearing blade material has high strength and wear resistance, which can maintain the sharpness and shape of the blade for a long time and improve production efficiency.

High precision

Lio-nel’s shearing blades have extremely high precision during the manufacturing process, ensuring the accuracy of the sheared size and shape.

Easy maintenance

Shearing blades require regular maintenance and replacement during application. Lio-nel’s shearing blades tend to be easy to maintain, making blade replacement easier and faster.

Types of Shearing Blades

Straight blade: Straight blade is the most common type of shear blade and is mainly used for straight shearing of various metal materials.

Curved blades: Curved blades are mainly used to bend and shear various metal materials so that the sheared materials have specific shapes and angles.

Mold blade: The mold blade is a special shear blade, mainly used for stamping, stretching and other forming operations on various metal materials.

Common materials for shear blades

Carbon tool steel: Such as T10, 45# steel, etc. These materials have good wear resistance and certain strength, but have low heat treatment hardness and are suitable for environments with poor cutting conditions.

Low alloy tool steel: such as 9CrSi, 6CrW2Si, etc. These steel types contain a certain proportion of alloy elements, which improves the hardenability and hardenability of the material. They are suitable for shearing ordinary A3, low-carbon cold-rolled plates and waste materials.

High-speed steel: Such as SKH-51, Cr5Mo, etc. This type of material has good hardness and wear resistance, but is relatively brittle and is suitable for shearing conventional materials and thin plates.

Alloy steel: Such as T15, Cr12MoV, etc. These materials combine the high hardness and wear resistance of high-speed steel with the high strength and wear resistance of alloy steel. They are suitable for shearing thicker plates or bearing impact loads.

Carbide: Such as YG8, etc. This material is known for its extremely high hardness and wear resistance, and is suitable for shearing high-hardness and high-hardness plates, such as stainless steel.

> Mechanical shearing machine blade specifications:

1245*80*25; 1345*80*25; 1850*90*25; 505*70*22; 508*70*22; 508*80*25; 510*80*25; 510*125*32; 630* 120*32; 1250*63*16

> Hydraulic shearing machine blade specifications:

1100*80*20; 1100*100*25; 1300*80*20; 1300*100*25; 1300*125*32; 1025*80*20; 1025*100*25; 2550*85*25; 3200* 60*20; 1025*63*16

> Shearing machine blade specifications and models:

QC12Y-25×3200 (1100×125×32), QC12Y-12×2500 (1300×100×25), QC12Y-16×2500 (1300×100×25 ), QC12Y-6×4000 (1025×80×20), QC12Y-6×4000 (1025×80×20), DLB-16×3100 (3150×60×20), QC12Y-4×2500 (1300×63×16), Q11-16×2500 (508×80×25), DLB-6×3100 (3150×60×20), Q11-4×2500 (1270×70×22), Q11-3×1500 (1545×80×25), Q11-3×1500 (1545×80×25), Q11-4×2000 (1016×70×22), Q11-3×2000 (2020×80×25), Q11-13×2500 (508×80×25), Q11-20×2500 (840×100×30)

Machine model Blade specifications Piece/Set Machine model Blade specifications Piece/Set
Q11-4×1000 1015x60x20 2 QC12Y-4×2000 1050x63x16 4
Q11-4×1000 1020x60x20 2 QC12Y-16×2000 1025x100x25 4
Q11-4×1200 1245x80x25 2 QC12Y-20×2000 1025x100x25 4
Q11-4×1200 610x70x22 4 QC12Y-30×2000 1050x125x40 4
Q11-4×1200 622.5x80x25 4 QC12Y-12×2500 1300x100x25 4
Q11-4×1300 1345x80x25 2 QC12Y-16×2500 1300x80x20 4
Q11-4×1500 540x70x22 6 QC12Y-25×2500 1300x100x30 4
Q11-4×1500 1545x80x25 2 QC12Y-25×2500 1300x125x32 4
Q11-4×1800 925x90x25 2 QC12Y-16×3000 1100x100x25 6
Q11-4×2000 505x70x22 8 QC12Y-8×3200 1100x80x20 6
Q11-6×2000 508x70x22 8 QC12Y-16×3200 1100x100x25 6
Q11-6×2000 610x100x32 8 QC12Y-20×3200 1100x100x30 6
Q11-16×2400 610x100x32 8 QC12Y-6×4000 1025x80x20 8
Q11-6×2500 508x70x22 10 QC12Y-8×4000 1025x80x20 8
Q11-13×2500 508x80x25 10 QC12Y-12×4000 1025x100x25 8
Q11-13×2500 510x80x25 10 QC12Y-20×4000 1025x100x30 8
Q11-13×2500 510x120x32 10 QC12Y-6×6000 1510x80x20 8
Q11-16×2500 630x100x30 8 QC12Y-12×6000 1300x100x125 8
QC12k-4×2500 1300x80x20 4 QC12k-4×3200 1100x80x20 6

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