Production Introduction

Lio-nel is a leading press brake tooling manufacturer. We have leading technology, high-quality raw materials and advanced production capabilities to provide high-quality press brake tooling products.

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High quality raw materials

Our products use high-quality raw material steel to ensure the performance and quality of the tooling produced.


Forging die steel

High-quality tools need to be forged first. We have experienced staff who can provide excellent products.


Preliminary processing

After preliminary processing, the die blank is formed.



A metal heat treatment process in which the workpiece is heated to a critical temperature and then rapidly cooled. Quenching can solidify metal materials quickly and form a structural structure with high hardness and strength. The quenching process is often used to strengthen steel.


High-precision processing

After quenching and tempering is completed, high-precision machining is performed. The spindle of the machining center can rotate quickly, allowing the tool to move quickly on the surface of the workpiece, thereby ensuring the accuracy and surface quality of the processed parts.


Precision grinding

In order to meet the precise requirements of the workpiece, grinding is often required. The grinder uses a high-speed rotating grinding wheel or abrasive belt to cut the surface of the workpiece, which can achieve very high precision at the micron level. Not only that, the surface roughness of the workpiece can be significantly improved during the grinding process, improving the finish and quality of the workpiece.


Quality inspection

Our company’s professional quality inspectors carefully inspect the hardness and accuracy of the products one by one to see if they are qualified.



Finally, the finished product is packaged and protected, and wooden boxes are ordered for shipment from the factory.

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