Electro-hydraulic Servo Press Brake


The electro-hydraulic bending machine is a high-precision machine tool used for bending and forming metal sheets. It combines electrical, hydraulic and mechanical technologies, and controls the flow of hydraulic oil through electrical signals to drive the movement of the workbench and mold to achieve the bending operation of the plate.

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1. Using the special CNC bending machine system of the Dutch company Delem and the electro-hydraulic proportional servo valve of the German BOSCH company, the system operates stably and the production is highly precise. The closed-loop control system composed of the CNC system grating ruler, electro-hydraulic proportional valve and valve electronic amplifier accurately detects and controls the relative position and synchronization accuracy of the slider and the workbench. It keeps the slider running synchronously and ensures bending depth and bend angle.

2. The overall steel plate welded structure has a thick frame, high rigidity and strong shock absorption;

3. The mechanical structure of this machine tool mainly consists of the frame, workbench, slider, main cylinder and back gauge. Perfect design and manufacturing technology can effectively ensure the manufacturing and use accuracy of machine tools;

4. Upward bending design ensures smooth operation and easy and complete operation;

5. The main parts of the machine tool, such as the frame, slider, and workbench, are all precision-machined using a CNC large-scale floor-standing boring and milling machine, which ensures the geometric accuracy requirements of the host machine;

6. The machine tool guide rails are made of advanced self-lubricating materials and do not require regular lubrication and maintenance;

7. The design rigidity of the workbench, columns, beams, and sliders is relatively high. The deformation of the workbench and sliders during bending is small, and the parts have good straightness and angle consistency;

8. The slider has a pressure-holding delay function at the bottom dead center to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece;

9. It adopts a double-cylinder structure and synchronized electro-hydraulic proportional servo valves (Y1, Y2). The electro-hydraulic proportional servo system is a position control system. The machine tool has strong anti-offset capability. It can dynamically detect the error of the slider through a grating, the electro-hydraulic proportional valve controls and changes the movement speed of the two cylinders respectively, thereby correcting the synchronization error of the slider;

10. The hydraulic system adopts German original electro-hydraulic proportional hydraulic system, with simple and centralized pipelines.


High precision grating ruler
A high-precision grating ruler is used as the displacement sensor, which is installed on the C-shaped plate to detect the position of the oil cylinder. The feedback accuracy is as high as 0.001mm, which can help better control the bending angle.


SVP servo pump control advantages
Save electric energy: The servo pump system supplies oil on demand, which greatly improves the energy saving effect.
Reduce noise: The servo pump system only rotates when needed, and the overall noise is reduced by 30%.
Reduce oil temperature: The control method of torque limit and analog speed is adopted to eliminate the shut-off and overflow of the valve and significantly reduce the oil temperature.


Mechanical compensation workbench (V axis)
Adopt mechanical deflection compensation with high CNC precision. Since there are many compensation points, the bending machine can achieve linear compensation when bending the workpiece during operation, which can improve the bending effect of the workpiece. It has the characteristics of maintenance-free and more accurate compensation.


Delem DA-53T CNC system

  • 10.1″ high resolution true color TFT display
  • Up to 4 axes control (Y1, Y2+2 auxiliary axes)
  • Deflection compensation control
  • With mold/material/product library
  • Support servo or variable control
  • Advanced Y-axis control algorithm network dual-machine linkage (optional)
  • USB peripheral interface
  • Profile-53TL offline programming software


R-axis precise synchronization structure
It uses high-hardness solid steel rods as power transmission, spur gears to assist in synchronous positioning, and high-strength screws to strengthen the connecting parts. It has the characteristics of precise synchronization, fast response, low failure rate, easy maintenance, and low internal stress.


X-axis servo motor
It uses an industrial-grade brushless servo motor to drive the X-axis and cooperates with a silent timing belt to achieve precise synchronization.


6+1+2-axis CNC backgauge precise rear positioning
The X-axis is driven by linear guide rails, ball screws, and servo motors to ensure the precise positioning of the X-axis. The R-axis is driven by a high-power servo motor, linear guide rail and ball screw, which has the characteristics of fast response and accurate positioning.


CNC gear refers to Z1, Z2
The middle position uses two numerically controlled gear fingers, which can be controlled by system programming. The gear fingers are in accurate position and fast.



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