One-step Forming Die

Mismatch discrepancy die

Mismatch discrepancy die is a special type of bending machine die. It is mainly used for bending metal sheets, especially when a larger bending radius is required. Mismatch discrepancy die distributes the stress generated during bending of the metal sheet to a wider area, thereby reducing the stress concentration in the bending area and avoiding the breakage of the sheet.

The design principle of Mismatch discrepancy die is to use the difference in stress in different areas to divide the bending area into multiple small areas, each area having a different bending radius. During the bending process, these small bending radii can better adapt to the deformation of the metal sheet, reduce stress concentration, and thus avoid cracking.

>> Compared with traditional integral molds, Mismatch discrepancy die has the following advantages:

Arc die

The bending machine arc die is a specially designed mold used to bend metal sheets on a bending machine. Compared with traditional linear molds, arc molds can produce metal parts with arc-shaped cross-sections, such as arc-shaped elbows, arc-shaped covers, etc. Due to its characteristics of high efficiency, high quality and low cost, arc dies have become an important production tool in many industries.

>> Arc dies usually consist of the following parts:

Bending die: used to form the curved part of the metal sheet, usually made of materials with high hardness and high wear resistance. The shape of the bending die determines the cross-sectional shape of the final product.

Top die: Located above the bending die, it is used to press the metal sheet onto the bending die. The top mold is usually made of carbide or high-strength steel.

Guide die: Located on both sides of the bending die, it is used to guide the metal sheet into the bending area and maintain its position. Guide dies are usually made of wear-resistant materials.

Bottom mold: Located below the bending mold, it is used to support the metal sheet. The bottom mold is usually made of high rigidity and high stability materials.

>> Arc dies are widely used in the following fields:

Construction industry: used to manufacture various arc-shaped steel structural parts, such as elbows, arched roofs, etc.

Automotive industry: used to manufacture auto parts, such as arc-shaped doors, roofs, chassis, etc.

Home appliance industry: used to manufacture various arc-shaped metal casings, such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.

Pipe industry: used to manufacture various arc-shaped pipes, such as elbow pipes, U-shaped pipes, etc.

>> Advantages of arc dies:

Shutter die

Press brake shutter die is a special mold used to produce shutters. The mold is made of high-quality steel and has the characteristics of high precision, high strength, and wear resistance, and can meet the needs of mass production. By using this mold, metal sheets can be bent quickly and accurately into shutters of various specifications, improving production efficiency and product quality.

>> Shutter die mainly consists of the following parts

1. Mold base: The base used to install the mold has high stability and high precision, which can ensure the stability and accuracy of the mold during the bending process.

2. Bending die: used to form the shape of the blinds, has high hardness and high wear resistance, and can withstand high-intensity bending operations.

3. Positioning device: used to fix the position of the metal plate to ensure accuracy and consistency during the bending process.

4. Guide device: used to guide the metal sheet into the bending area to reduce friction and resistance during the bending process.

5. Ejection device: used to eject the bent shutters from the mold to facilitate subsequent pick-up and stacking.

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