Excellent Brand Introduction of Press Brake Tools

The Purpose and Importance of Press Brake Tools

Press brake tools play a vital role in the manufacturing industry to bend sheet metal and some other materials with precise control. When you are trying to buy the right press brake tools, it is also important to choose an excellent brand of press brake tools. Press brake tools can be used to manufacture various types of products such as auto parts and household appliances. They are the most indispensable part of the bending machine. The bending control of materials by different press brake tools is crucial to the formation of the final product.

Manufacturer Brand Introduction



Amada press brake tools have always set the global standard for performance and reliability. Every year, Amada continues to develop and refine innovative sheet metal manufacturing and automation solutions with the sole goal of maximizing productivity. The most important way to achieve this is to listen to your customers and respond to their needs.

AMADA’s press brake tools have more demanding requirements in manufacturing. They offer tools with a variety of bending capabilities that can help create complex and precise parts. AMADA’s press brake tools are widely used in automotive parts, electronic products, construction components, etc. due to their high standards.

The main feature of AMADA press brake tools is their advanced technology, which ensures the best performance and efficiency of the tools. Whether it’s precise bending angles or complex forming operations, AMADA tools are always designed with the highest quality in mind.

In addition to their outstanding performance, AMADA press brake tools are renowned for their user-friendly design and ease of operation. This makes their products more inclusive and suitable for both experienced professionals and novices. Overall, AMADA press brake tools are synonymous with quality, precision and reliability, and their excellent products have made them the first choice of manufacturers worldwide.



TRUMPF is a German industrial machinery manufacturing company. TRUMPF is one of the largest machine tool suppliers in the world. Production plants are located all over the world. Their press brake tools are known for their accuracy, allowing them to bend sheet metal and other materials with precision, ensuring consistent tool performance.

TRUMPF Group is a German industrial machinery manufacturing company. TRUMPF is one of the world’s largest machine tool suppliers. Production plants are located all over the world. Their press brake tools are known for their accuracy, allowing them to bend sheet metal and other materials with precision, ensuring consistent tool performance.

Trumpf is best known for their tooling solutions that help increase flexibility and productivity in bending operations,they offer a variety of auxiliary tools and accessories to aid use, and they have innovative tooling technologies such as Magic Wave and Vario Press systems to improve bending Effect.



WILA is a well-known manufacturer and market leader of high-quality clamping and crowning systems (tool holders) as well as a wide range of press brake tools and accessories. WILA develops and manufactures products that help increase the productivity of press brakes and the quality of products produced by its customers. This level of quality is also reflected in every aspect of WILA’s own organization, which continuously invests in the latest bending and manufacturing technologies.

The main feature of Wila press brake tools is their modular design, which can be easily customized and adapted to the bending requirements of different materials. This flexibility allows Wila’s press brake tools to support both small-scale and high-volume manufacturing.

Wila also offers a range of precision molding products, including Wila New Standard and Wila Trumpf style molding systems. Wila is best known for its Wila Tool Advisor software, which helps select the best mold settings for specific bending tasks.

Wila’s press brake tools are designed with precision in mind, allowing them to achieve precise bends of sheet metal and other materials. As a result, Wila’s press brake tools ensure consistent performance even in demanding manufacturing environments.



LVD is a world leader in the design and manufacture of sheet metal fabrication equipment, with one of the most comprehensive product lines in the industry. Their equipment and software provide innovative and integrated metal processing solutions to improve production processes and advance smart factories.

LVD offers a wide range of press brake tools designed to meet the diverse needs of manufacturers. LVD bending machine tools are precision tested and innovatively designed so that their products can perform precision bends of sheet metal and other materials to achieve precise dimensions and specifications. These tools can be widely used in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, and electronics.

LVD’s demand for product excellence and commitment to continuous improvement ensures that its press brake tools provide manufacturers with superior performance, efficiency and reliability, making them the first choice of manufacturers around the world.



With Bystronic’s bending technology, there’s a machine for everyone, from worry-free bags for novices to high-performance bending machines for complex bending processes.

Bystronic machines are easy to operate. The intuitive software makes all process steps easier and ensures that bending can be carried out conveniently even with no experience. Combined with their automation solutions, automated production can be carried out at any time.

Bystronic’s bending machine tools are designed to meet the diverse needs of modern production processes and provide bending machine tools in a variety of materials and thicknesses to ensure that products meet different bending needs. Whether automotive components, building structures or complex sheet metal parts, Bystronic tools enable precise bending.

The main feature of Bystronic press brake tools is their advanced control system, which allows the operator to precisely program and adjust bending parameters. This control ensures consistent results and minimizes setup time, ultimately increasing the productivity and efficiency of the production process.

In addition, Bystronic’s pursuit of innovation is reflected in the continuous development of new technologies and solutions to address more industry challenges. From automated bending systems to integrated software solutions, Bystronic is at the forefront of press brake technology.



Lio-nel is a professional press brake tools manufacturer with the ability to produce press brake tools for the above brands. Leveraging our expertise in precision engineering and advanced manufacturing processes, we focus on creating high-quality tooling solutions that meet the stringent standards of metal manufacturers worldwide.

Lio-nel relies on its high starting point, strong comprehensive strength, and design and manufacturing concepts that are in sync with the world. It quickly surpassed many traditional companies in the industry and occupied an important position in the field of high-end CNC machining.

Where Can You Buy Excellent Press Brake Tools?

You can try searching these brands on Google to buy, or find some good purchasing agents.

Lio-nel has been committed to the research, development and manufacturing of high-end CNC machine tools. It has bending machines, shearing machines, and high-precision bending molds. Over the years, it has provided a large number of efficient processing solutions to customers in the global aviation, automobile, shipbuilding, wind power, electronics and other industries. The accuracy and stability of our products are at the forefront of the industry.


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