Compound Forming Die

Compound Forming Die is a mold used for bending metal sheets. It consists of two or more mold parts and can complete the bending and forming process simultaneously or sequentially. The design and manufacture of such molds requires a high degree of precision and expertise to ensure that the parts produced are of high precision, quality and efficiency.

Compound Forming Die consists of upper mold and lower mold. The upper mold is fixed on the upper slide of the bending machine, while the lower mold is fixed on the lower slide. When the slider reciprocates driven by the motor, the upper mold and the lower mold will move relative to each other to bend and shape the metal plate placed in the middle of the mold.


High precision

Compound Forming Die is made of high-precision steel to ensure the accuracy and wear resistance of the mold. At the same time, advanced processing equipment and techniques are used in the manufacturing process to further improve the accuracy and stability of the mold.


This mold can be used to complete a variety of different bending and forming processes, such as bending, embossing, stretching, etc. This makes it highly flexible in producing metal parts of many different shapes and sizes.

High efficiency

Because the Compound Forming Die can complete multiple processes at the same time or sequentially, it can greatly improve work efficiency.

Long life

Due to the use of high-precision steel and advanced heat treatment technology, this mold has a long service life and can greatly reduce production costs.

Application areas

Compound Forming Die is widely used in automobile, home appliances, construction, electric power, railway and other industries. In these industries, metal parts of various shapes and specifications need to be mass-produced, and bending machine forming composite molds is an efficient, high-quality, and low-cost production method.

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