CNC Upper & Lower Die

Press brake CNC dies are important tools in modern industrial manufacturing and are mainly used for precise bending of metal sheets. With the development of science and technology, the technology and design of CNC molds for bending machines are also constantly improving, making the bending process more efficient and precise.

Working principle

The CNC mold of the bending machine mainly bends the metal sheet into the required shape through the relative movement of the upper and lower molds. During the bending process, the upper mold moves downward and forms a certain angle with the lower mold to bend the metal sheet. At the same time, the CNC system of the bending machine will adjust the relative position of the mold according to the preset angle and size to achieve precise bending.

Types of CNC molds for bending machines

1. Classification by type of bending machine: According to the type of bending machine, CNC bending machine molds can be divided into CNC hydraulic bending machine molds, CNC mechanical bending machine molds, etc.
2. Classification by bending angle: According to different bending angles, bending machine CNC molds can be divided into 90-degree bending molds, 180-degree bending molds, etc.
3. Classification by mold structure: According to different mold structures, bending machine CNC molds can be divided into integral bending molds, assembled bending molds, etc.

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