Bystronic Tooling

Our Bystronic Press Brake Tooling is renowned for its versatility, providing a wide selection of punches, dies, and accessories that can be easily interchanged to accommodate various bending applications, materials, and thicknesses. This flexibility allows operators to adapt quickly to changing production requirements, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Die structure

Upper and lower dies

The curved parts used to form the gooseneck shape, usually made of high-strength steel.

Guide block

Used to guide the material to be properly aligned during the bending process, usually made of materials with good wear resistance.

Support column

Used to support the upper and lower molds to ensure stability during the bending process, usually made of high-strength steel.

Adjustment device

Used to adjust the opening size of the mold to accommodate materials of different thicknesses, usually made of precision mechanical structures.

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